Personal Artwork Gallery

A collection of original art and fan art. All characters are © copyright their respected owners.

Misery #4Amai TomodachiLacie & Co. 2009Lacie with her hatLacie at the beachLicquoriceMusicvilleSelf-published manga "Patch" coversSelf-published manga "Patch" insidesStreet Fighter IV SakuraTeabag World AdventureBlazblue Taokaka
SmokerSodaLacie & Shelbie drawn in SAIStopperPencil Sketches 1Luke, here's my answer...Sonic's 20th Anniversary 2011!Candy PastelCandy PastelFinal Fantasy XI Online: Jkun the PuppetmasterLacie stabs a Pumpkin. Happy Halloween 2013!Sonic Joypolis Illustration Contest 2013 entry!

Crazy Sunshine Character Reference Sheets

A collection of character reference sheets from 2013. Perfect for creating fan art, don’t you think?

Lacie Shelbie
Candy Candy
Peppermint Daifuku & Mochi

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