Reader Fan Art

It’s always nice to see the cast of Crazy Sunshine through someone else’s eyes. A big thank you to everyone who has submitted their artwork so far!

If you would like your art listed here, send your work in an E-Mail (admin [at] crazysunshine [dot] com) or post it on the Forum!

Lacie & Shelbie at Christmas by Rie!NSFW! Candy and Shelbie get together by Andrew Gregoire!Candy gets PISSED by Vickybit!Lacie and Shelbie trade gifts by Vickybit!Candy x Homestuck Crossover by Vickybit!Lacie teams up with Eggman by Rabid Noodles!Peppermint advances science by Jimmy Misanthrope!Traditional pens, pencils and the crew of CS by Rie!Looks like Lacie's zipper is causing some problems by Rie!Time 4 Science with peppermint by Fernando H Weber!A Chibi Peppermint by my good friend Omochabox!Lacie kicks ass and takes names by my best friend TotoMimo!Daifuku and Mochi looking mean again by TotoMimo!Summertime Lacie painted by Kiyo!
Beautiful Sonic-blue Shelbie by RabidNoodles!Awesome Lacie fan art by Mystery Babylon's Val!The CS gang meet the Sonic Heroes by Rie!More beautiful boobs by ARG!Seriously, who needs a diet? By Vickybit!A birthday wish from Shelbie by Jimmy M!A very tsundere Lacie by Dan!Check out this awesomely professional bouncy Shelbie by wRuzicka!Lacie and Shelbie cross into the world of Doodling Around!Shelbie and her busy Brandon of Twxxd!It's Hammer Time by HAX!Crazy Sunshine All Stars by Courtney Svatek!Winter Lacie enjoys some stolen tea by Fern HW!Lacie, Shelbie, and even Mr Hankey in this South Park crossover by Rie!
Candy looking as sexy as ever by the legendary Shoji Ikari!Candy's new style, recoloured by Japanese artist Aki!Shelbie's lovely new style by Japanese artist Aki!A fantastic birthday present from Japanese artist Aki! Thank you!At the beach with Daifuku and Mochi by Chimneysweep's Jack Cayless!Mini Lacie Sprites by Dennis Nguyen!Vickybit thinks the comic needs more blue.The Crazy Sunshine crew have a tea party by Dennis Nguyen!Shelbie gives herself flying lessons by Usagi911!Shoji takes a liking to Queen Caramelle!Taylor Scott almost forgot to draw Lacie's wings!Lacie and her Mum getting along as usual by Drobvirks!Peppermint cosplays Pizza Steve by Gouta!
Some NSFW Candy by Orochium!Some NSFW Unlit and Lumia action by Brandon Oliver!
Lacie and Shelbie Christmas decorations by Rie!The whole gang in hand-made toothpick form by Rie!

Reader Fan Comics

Have you got a Crazy Sunshine related story to tell? Now is your chance to show the world!

If you would like your comics listed here, send your work in an E-Mail (admin [at] crazysunshine [dot] com) or post it on the Forum!

'The Art of Being Lazy - Part 1' by Gingernorton!'The Art of Being Lazy - Part 2' by Gingernorton!
'The Art of Being Lazy - Part 3' by Gingernorton!'The Art of Being Lazy - Part 4' by Gingernorton!'The Art of Being Lazy - Part 5' by Gingernorton!'The Art of Being Lazy - Part 6' by Gingernorton!
'That's Using Your Head' - by Blue_Elite!


A collection of wallpapers in .zip format to decorate your monitor! Select from 4 different sizes.


Crazy Sunshine Character Evolutions

A collection of images detailing original character designs and their evolutions throughout the years.

Lacie AGESShelbie AGESCandy AGESPeppermint AGESDaifuku AGES

Lacie also appeared in an 18-page webcomic titled “My Little Scythe” from 2005 to 2006.

Click on the thumbnail below to see a preview of the site before it was taken offline.

My Little Scythe

Interviews, Guest Strips & More!

Play Scienceman Twins here!

Play as Peppermint in this great game from the creators of Beeserker!

FMyLife Illustrated – Guest Strip | Interview
I Am ARG! – Guest Strip
Doodling Around – Cameo
The Collab-Comic Project – Guest Strip
The Obscure Gentlemen – Guest Strip | Interview | Cameo
L.A.W.L.S – Guest Strip
TGT Podcast Episode 203 – Mention (@10:20)
Twxxd – Podcast I (1 Hour) Podcast II (1 Hour 15 Mins)