The Endbringer is headless, Candy is unconscious, and then this giant dork turns up to herald in the end of the world? What else could possibly go wrong?!

Thanks for reading INSTALL! I’m taking next week off as it’s my birthday (April 2nd!), so the next chapter, titled GERMINATION, will start on April 9th! Of course, if you have donated to Patreon, you’ll get to see previews of it much earlier!

Before anyone comments on the title card for INSTALL not matching any part of its story, I actually switched the script up half way through, so will be making a new title card if I get the time. I want to update the first one (ORIGIN) too with all characters fully coloured, The next chapter is my favourite so I really want to pull all the stops on its title card too. Wish me luck and see you in a couple of weeks!

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