Welcome to the second and final part of our tour around the world of Crazy Sunshine!

Got a spare moment to read about each location? If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them! Regular comics will resume next week, so stay tuned…

…or else!

Peppermint’s House

A 4-floor mechanical masterpiece, concealing a secret laboratory and scientifically advanced waste recycling chamber.

Massive Metropolis

Towering glass giants encircle a revolutionary, bustling city where no dreams are left unlived.

Solemn Skip

Decrepit factories, abandoned castles, antiquated mountains of waste, the putrid stench of sewage envelops this long forgotten kingdom.

Beastmen Barrens

From atop the icy mountain peaks to the sweltering jungles and sultry sands below, this land is not one to be trespassed on.

Eastern Estuary

A humble port town takes shade in the suburbs of an overbearing cityscape, with the ocean at its feet, and an exotic world in its grasp.

Perfect Paradise

Radiant, gleaming structures reaching higher than the sky, a platinum city of golden peace and tranquillity.

Undying Underworld

Ancient towers laced with magma, yet throbbing with life, a world far removed from the surface, purged to the depths of hell.