Introducing Liquorice! A mutated maniac with one simple goal; to control the entire Surface!

Now that Lacie and the gang’s memories are sealed due to this lanky, green-haired bastard’s magic, there’s no way we’ll get to know what happened during O.R.I.G.I.N.S! Thus, Crazy Sunshine has no other option but to go on hiatus!

Please read this blog entry for more details!

Since August 2011, Crazy Sunshine has thrown out over 180 comics, received over 12,000 comments, was enjoyed by over 400,000 returning readers and has been stumbled upon over 14 million times.

Thank you to everyone who stuck around, and thank you for a fantastic three years! Don’t forget, while the comic is going on hiatus, I am not! Please remember to follow my Tumblr and Twitter for future illustration updates, doodles, blog entries and more!