The Website

Crazy Sunshine is a personal portfolio website that is split into three sections:

    • webcomic series that is currently on hiatus.
    • gallery of personal illustrations and sketches.
    • blog of personal ramblings and site news.

The Webcomic

Crazy Sunshine is an urban fantasy webcomic series set in a world called The Surface, created and written by Jkun.

Despite being classified as a gag-per-strip webcomic, there are numerous story arcs scattered throughout the series in order to introduce new characters, develop existing ones, or retell the history of the Crazy Sunshine universe.

The series follows the antics of Lacie the egotistical devil, Shelbie the idiotic angel, Candy the beastly bodyguard, Daifuku the demonically possessed ninja, and Peppermint the 9-year-old child prodigy.

You can familiarize yourself with these characters on the Cast page, or why not just start reading from the beginning?

Lastly, feel free to leave some comments! There is no need to register, but please take the time to read these rules before posting.

    • Update Schedule: Crazy Sunshine is currently on indefinite hiatus! More information regarding this can be read here.

The Author

JkunHello! My name is Jkun. I currently live in the Kanto region of Japan where I teach English during the day and draw in the evenings.

I spend most of my free time developing my artwork and deepening my love and understanding of everything the land of the rising sun has to offer.

I am an avid gamer and a colossal fan of anime, manga and Japanese pop culture. I am also fluent in English, Japanese, and when drunk enough, Scottish.

If you have any questions regarding my life in Japan or my artwork, feel free to ask me stuff on Tumblr or drop me an E-Mail!

Thanks for visiting Crazy Sunshine, enjoy your stay!

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