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Crazy Sunshine is split into three sections;

  • An ongoing webcomic series that is always evolving.
  • blog of current developments and general ramblings.
  • gallery of personal artwork for you to enjoy!

The Webcomic

Crazy Sunshine is an urban fantasy webcomic series set in a world called The Surface, created and written by Jkun.

The series follows the antics of Lacie the egotistical devil, Shelbie the idiotic angel, Candy the beastly bodyguard, Daifuku the demonically possessed ninja, and Peppermint the 9-year-old child prodigy.

While Crazy Sunshine is classified as a gag-per-strip webcomic, there are numerous story arcs scattered throughout the series in order to introduce new characters, develop existing ones, or retell the history of the Crazy Sunshine universe.

Currently, the series is exploring each character’s origin story throughout a gigantic collection of mini-arcs.

You can familiarize yourself with the characters on the Cast page, or why not just start reading from the beginning? Don’t forget to leave some comments, too! Remember to check the rules first!

  • Crazy Sunshine currently updates every Wednesday at 9pm JST / 12pm GMT / 7am EST

If you have any problems viewing the site or notice something is broken, please send me an E-Mail here! Additionally, if you have any questions regarding the comic or anything else, feel free to ask!

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