Continuing on from this blog entry after a few more weeks of thought, I have decided to put Crazy Sunshine on indefinite hiatus while I grab real life by the balls and kick it around some.

I am not going to write a wall of text justifying why, but it all comes down to the fact that over the next year I have to study my butt off, find a new job, a new house, and settle down with my girl. I also believe my artwork is plateauing with diminishing returns rather than slowly improving by focusing on nothing but comics, so I would like to take some time off to expand my abilities and work on my artistic foundations a lot more.

Sadly, I cannot do all of this while updating the comic, so I will be cutting it out of my life until I have the time, money and skill to start it up again. I’m going to write up a small Q&A section below, so please give it a read;

What is going to happen to the website and the comic?

The Germination chapter of ORIGINS has come to a close, but the Crazy Sunshine website and all of its comics and features will stay intact. There’s even going to be an extra three weeks of updates from next week onwards, because I believe you guys (the awesome readers) deserve it for sticking around this long. Look forward to them!

After those three pages are updated, I will slowly be changing the site’s layout, and making the comics a feature, not the giving them the spotlight. There will be a splash page with links to the gallery, blog and comics, and the site will focus more on my portfolio and blog rather than comics.

The Crazy Sunshine Wiki will be fully updated up to the end of GERMINATION, and other social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr will change to focus more on my artwork, so please keep them favourited!

What is going to happen to you?

I will still be in Japan, mainly studying and spending time with my friends before I look for a new job and apartment. Without being nagged to draw comics every day, I will be focusing on drawing outside of the box; illustrations, fan art, and ideas I have had tucked away over the last three years at my own pace. You will be able to see mostly all of my new artwork on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, and some of the better illustrations on this site’s gallery, so don’t go anywhere!

What about the Patreon campaign?

The Patreon page was initially created for fans to support the comic through donations. According to Google Analytics, if every reader chipped in $1 a month, then I would be able to support myself and keep making comics! Sadly, not even 1% of readers donated, and none of the milestones were reached, which means I have to look for an actual job, resulting in this hiatus. For those readers who did donate, I cannot thank you enough! However, I will be editing the Patreon page to reflect artwork in general. If you want to donate, you will get to see more than just the final pieces, and also get to chat and hang out with me! More information on this will be updated on the Patreon page in time. Thanks to everyone who supported Crazy Sunshine so far, and as I said above, there will still be weekly content released until the end of July to compensate for this month’s payment. Please look forward to it!

When is the comic coming back?

As I mentioned before, I do not know! Whenever I have the time, money and artistic skills that I am comfortable and confident with.

When is that?

I seriously have no idea!

How can I get in touch with you?

I will try to update fairly frequently right here on the site with new art and blog entries about my daily life. But there’s also Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt and specifically Tumblr, so please follow me to keep in the loop, and don’t go anywhere!

Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who read and supported Crazy Sunshine from the start until this break! It’s been a very long and exhausting three years. Wish me luck, and hopefully see you around!