Hello! Happy New Year!

I’ve made some alternations to the site:

  • Switched on a bunch of Comic Easel features.
  • Disabled tags in comic posts.
  • Re-indexed all comics into the following categories:
    • Characters: Clicking on character names will display all comics with that character in them.
    • Location: Clicking on a location will display all comics that take place in that area.
    • Chapter: Clicking on the comic’s current chapter will display all comics within that chapter.
  • Chapters have been split up into three sections:
    • Comics: All gag strips and standalone comics.
    • Crazy Sunshine Chronicles: Gag comic shorts.
    • O.R.I.G.I.N.S Arcs: All chapters of the ORIGINS arcs.

I’m going to be fine-tuning the Cast Page and Extras Page in the future, along with working out various other kinks so bear with me!