It’s been a while since we’ve had a one-on-one. Here’s what’s been happening in my life recently!


Summer has come to an abrupt end again, only this time instead of transitioning to Autumn, it transitioned to some obscure mix of winter with typhoons. Over 8 typhoons have hit northern Japan in the last two weeks, so there’s been flooding, landslides, and a whole hailstorm of rain. There’s actually one going on right now. Once this all clears up, the snow will start. Luckily this year, I have people who will help out with digging all the snow from my driveway because my girlfriend has a poorly leg!

Speaking of Winter, I am going home this year to visit family and friends. A couple of weeks in the UK over Christmas is just what I need. It’s been so long since I had a good bag of fish n’ chips with Irn Bru or a Curly Wurly for breakfast. I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to upload a whole bunch of pictures from my trip when I get back, too!

The Webcomic

There is now over 300 responses to the online poll I set up in summer, you guys are the best! It seems most of the responses regarding update time slots are quite spread out, so don’t worry, nothing will be changing any time soon. Your comments on the ORIGINS storyline also really cheered me up!

Chapter 2 is coming to a close in just two or three more pages. Chapter 3 is much shorter, and finally in 4 and 5 we will get to see Lacie and Shelbie again. I can’t wait to draw them, and I can’t wait for you to see them!

I feel I’ve become much more detached from the comic while doing a storyline-based one. The scripts are all planned out weeks in advance, nothing much changes apart from little tweaks in dialogue along the way, and certain characters I love drawing barely get any screen time until its their time to shine.

I cannot wait to go back to drawing gag comics. All I ask is that you stick with Crazy Sunshine until this backstory is over! Again, thanks or all the comments and retweets during this time – and of course, thanks for actually reading!

Crazy Sunshine has also been added to the Comic Rocket network! Why not go give them a look? Also, Hiveworks has expanded itself recently with loads of new comics for you to enjoy!

Vidya Games & Other Projects

When I am not drawing or working I love me some vidya. Recently I’m hooked on FFXIV. It’s the easiest MMO I have played so doesn’t require as much dedication as its predecessor. I’ve also been playing Pokemon, and recently, The Stanley Parable, all while waiting for Christmas for Sonic Lost World. GET HYPE.

I’ve been doing a bunch of other comics and drawings for people over summer too, including some traditional 4コマ Japanese gag manga for some friends, and brushing up on my Japanese skills. After spending a whole year doing nothing but drawing comics, my Japanese is fading quickly. I need to do something about that – and fast!

I’ve managed to catch up on a lot of TV too. Breaking Bad’s ending was incredible, and even though it’s over I am recommending it to every person I meet. It’s even out on Hulu Japan with Japanese subs so there is no excuse for my friends here not to watch it!

Dexter’s ending on the other hand…eh. My friends have also introduced me to Game of Thrones which I thoroughly enjoyed, and The Walking Dead which I am in the middle of watching now. As for anime, I am currently making my way through Kill la Kill, which needs no introduction. Non Non Biyori is the comfiest and cutest anime this season and always leaves me feeling happy. Kyoukai no Kanata is mindfuckingly good, and after Free! ended I needed some more stuff from Kyoani! I hear Kuroko no Basuke is good but I haven’t seen season 1. It’s apparently twice as gay, whatever that means.

And…that’s about it! Thanks for letting me ramble. What have you been up to?