This Development Blog Update covers various rules about how you can interact with Crazy Sunshine’s creator Jkun. Read ‘em!

Tumblr’s Ask Feature

Got a question regarding the Crazy Sunshine universe, characters, or history? Good! You can use the Ask link on the top menubar in order to ask me through Tumblr! Don’t have a Tumblr account? You can E-mail me here, or post a question on the Forum!

Public Tumblr Asks will be posted publicly, whereas personal questions will be answered privately. Additionally, offensive questions or questions regarding spoilers for upcoming comics, such as “How did Lacie meet Shelbie?” or “How big is your dick?” will be rejected. Can’t give away too much information, can we?

Spam Comments & Common Courtesy

It seems posting a “Top 5 Commenters”  ranking in this blog entry was a mistake, as certain readers now think it is okay to post 15-20 “filler” comments per strip. There will be no more “Top Commenters” lists from now on, so please do not flood each comic’s comment section with a billion posts. I have marked over 20 comments as spam today alone. One guy even commented with nothing but a full stop. It wastes my time and other reader’s time, don’t do it.

If you have any questions not regarding the comic in question, especially if they are about my personal life, please use Tumblr, the Forum, or E-Mail me as requested above. Further abuse of Crazy Sunshine’s free comment section will result in all comments being personally screened, and certain IP Addresses being filtered. You’ve been warned!

Rules aside, I love reading comic comments! But hate it when things get derailed. Try to keep things on track, okay?

Oh, and lastly, don’t be a dick. No insults, no elitism. See something you don’t like about the comic? Shoot me an E-Mail. See something that makes no sense? If it’s part of an ongoing storyline, you might want to wait and see what unfolds before crafting crazy and intricate theories which will just confuse other readers and make yourself look silly when the truth is finally revealed. Then again, if it’s something you really want to do, why not make a topic about them on the Forum and get others to join in? That’s why it’s there!

Chatty Sunshine & Discussion

Chatango’s chat box was a pretty neat feature, but nobody seems to be using it. It will be removed by the end of the week to speed up page load times.

Until a better method of discussion is developed (such as a forum), please feel free to use the myriad of social media services to discuss the comic, or the Forum! Even the Facebook group alone has over 1,000 members and is dead silent 90% of the time!

That’s all for this month! Thanks for your co-operation in helping keep the site clutter-free, and for using all these great social media features I’ve put so much work into setting up. Here’s to a great new year, cheers!