Fireworks 2012 Edinburgh

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again where I talk about the inner workings of Crazy Sunshine through numbers – this time with something new to add to the mix!

Crazy Sunshine has now been around for a year and a half. Since December 2011’s blog entry until today’s, here is a table showing how much the site has grown!

 December 2011December 2012 
Visits 55,074 637,097 + 582,023 
New Visitors 25,237 (45.82%) 180,327 (28.39%) + 155,090
Returning Visitors 29,836 (54.17%) 456,237 (71.61%) + 426,401
Unique Visitors 25,494 180,327 + 154,833
Page Views 282,516 5,965,443 + 5,682,927
Facebook Likes 91 1,176 + 1,085
Google +1’s 286 651 + 365
Twitter Followers 128 498 + 370

Comment Rankings:

Over the course of one year, these five people commented the most! In 2013, I would like everyone to keep this blog entry in mind as a lot of these comments were filtered as spam!


Again, these incredible numbers were all possible thanks to you guys; the readers, commenters, fan art submitters and even those of you lurking in the shadows. Thank you so much!

Lastly, my goals for 2013 are:

  • Better time management!
  • Pay off the other half of my Student Loan!
  • Retell the origins of the Crazy Sunshine cast in detail.
  • Gain 600 Twitter followers and 2,000 Facebook Likes!
  • Practice anatomy, making the all-female cast sexier.
  • Get back into gaming in my limited spare time! I still haven’t completed Halo 4!

So, what about you? What are you going to do or not do? Regardless if you stick to your resolutions or not,  have a great year!

See you in 2013!