Hello! Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in a while, to be honest nothing exciting has been happening in my life!

However, in regards to Crazy Sunshine, there are lots of exciting things I want to talk about!

Fan Art

Thanks for all your submissions! There’s always room for more, so if you have something you want to share, send it here and I’ll upload it to the Extras page right away!

Fan Comics

There’s also been an influx in fan comics! The first few were uploaded to the Facebook Page by the lovely Patrick Norton and can be seen here! If you have a Crazy Sunshine related story you want to tell, send it in!

Fan Stories

Deviantart member T-FighterX9 uploaded some Crazy Sunshine literature, go check them out! Unfortunately I cannot host these on the main site (as that would require a brand new page or even a new Extras section!) but if you have a story you want to tell, link me to its location and I will let the world know!

A big thanks to everyone who has contributed something back to the site, I really appreciate it and it really makes my day, never stop being awesome!

Ask Me Stuff!

Did you know you can ask me stuff on Tumblr? Hopefully this means the comment section of each comic strip won’t get too convoluted. Also, maybe you’ll learn something new! You can ask about anything, my personal life, my work, living in Japan, the comic, or even what I am eating right now (its fried chicken!) Don’t be shy!

Social Media

I hate bringing this up. I really do! But by simply liking the Facebook Page or following on Twitter you are doing the comic and myself a huge favor  Social Media is the future, and the more people who show an interest, the more I can gauge the size of Crazy Sunshine’s audience, which means much more goodies in the near future.

For example, recently lots of readers have asked about merchandise, but through eyeballing alone, the current amount of followers/potential buyers would put me at a massive loss if I made anything and it doesn’t sell well. I need a way to communicate or positively be sure readers are showing an active interest in the comic before working on such a big project as merchandise, and simply hitting Like or Follow resolves this tremendously! That’s all you have to do! Until these numbers hit a comfortable threshold, I will not be making plans for releasing merchandise that I inevitably cannot sell.

So tell your friends, your family, even your pets, and I promise I won’t bring this up again for a while!

Thanks for all your support so far!