Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about site changes, so I’ll keep you in the loop!


  • Daifuku has been introduced as the 5th Crazy Sunshine character!
  • The title banner has been updated.
  • The “About” page has been updated.
  • The “Cast” page has been updated.
  • The Tumboiler rollover has been updated.
  • The Google+ page’s layout has been updated.
  • A Pixietrix comic reel has been added underneath the comic.
  • The “Share” naviagtion button has been replaced with a “Random Comic” one.
  • “Random Comic” has been removed from the Menubar.
  • Sitewide selection colour has changed from pink to orange.
  • Comic Rank buttons have been removed as the site has been closed.

For new features to appear you will need to either empty your cache or hit F5 to refresh the page!

As Crazy Sunshine is part of the Hiveworks network, which is now a partner studio of Pixietrix, a small comic reel has been added under the comic’s navigation buttons. You can check out some other great comics by clicking these links or scrolling left or right for more!

As always let me know if there are any problems that need fixing! Stay tuned!