Today Crazy Sunshine hit 800 Likes on the Facebook page! Stay tuned for another Extras page update to commemorate!

Additionally, there’s been a huge site update!

Recently Crazy Sunshine’s layout and template was built upon the main Comicpress theme within WordPress. But, since Comicpress and WordPress are updated regularly, this means I need to re-upload and fix everything that the updates break manually.

Today I converted Crazy Sunshine from the main Comicpress template to a Child Theme, which works as an overlay to the main Comicpress template, which means every time these is an update, I won’t need to re-tune the layout and Comicpress will apply the changes automatically from the Child Theme’s folder automatically.

Fixed issues:

  • White bar across the top of the screen.
  • Comment & downloadable avatars not displaying.
  • Extras page password screen.

Please let me know if there are any more teething troubles! Thanks to everyone who helped so far!