Hello, hope you have a great weekend planned!

You may have noticed the site changing a bit over this last week. Here’s what’s been up;


Part of the Hiveworks Nework!

  • Crazy Sunshine is now testing the waters as an affiliate of the Hiveworks network; a closed, invite-only networking company based in Europe. Over the next week, various ads and internal exchange banners will be cropping up over the site and replacing the current Project Wonderful ads. A big thank you for everyone who advertised on Crazy Sunshine through Project Wonderful up until now. Hopefully Hiveworks will introduce a whole new group of readers to the site, and in turn, even more hilarious and interesting comments!


  • The gadget list has been revised and reordered.
  • The Extras gadget’s button has been updated.
  • Nested comment length has finally been increased to 10!

Current Issues:

  • I tested the implication of BBS code for comments, but it ended up either breaking the site, or only activating in blog plots. There are no plans to take this any further unless a new, supported plugin becomes available.
  • In relation to the very first comic and the current comic, the navigation buttons under each of these strips seems to be broken. In each of these comics, the share box is misaligned and the first/previous or next/last buttons seem to be missing. I have no clue how to fix this, any ideas?

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!