So Crazy Sunshine has it’s very first logo! What do you think of it? Let me take some time and explain what it’s all about!

After being told my ads don’t stand out enough (Thanks guys!) I wanted a logo that was unique, in-your-face, bright, colourful, and included elements of the 4 main characters. A pretty tough challenge!

So, now for some behind-the-scenes:

  • The style of the logo was inspired by Crash Bandicoot 2 and the original Sonic Adventure. These logos have always stood out to me as a kid because of how cool they were!
  • The tubes, cables and “Caution Tape” running throughout the logo appear in various background shots throughout the comic.
Wait, where are the characters?
  • The two wings on either side of the logo are trademarks of Shelbie and Lacie‘s races; the Lumia and Unlit.
  • The robotic panel represents Peppermint and her love for machines.
  • The hard-boiled Candy nested under the text is the same shape and colour as Candy’s hairclip, so you can guess who this represents.
But wait, it gets even more complex!
  • The two cables running from each wing are leaping from the background to the foreground, which symbolises Lacie being banished from Hell to live on the surface, and Shelbie being sent from Heaven to protect the Surface from, well, Lacie.
  • With that in mind, notice the cables under the logo are all tangled up. This represents the state of Lacie and Shelbie’s love-hate relationship, with Candy’s trademark hairclip nesting on top of where the cables join, symbolising that if it weren’t for Candy keeping the pair in order, there would be nothing but chaos!
  • Similarly, the four screws nested onto the robotic panel symbolise how thanks to Peppermint and her house, inventions, and income,  the four main characters can “stick” together.
…and the text?
  • The colour of the “Crazy” text represents sunrise,  the start of a new day where you can enjoy a new, crazy adventure by visiting the site.
  • The colour of the “Sunshine” text represents the opposite, sunset, in hope that you will come back to the site the next morning for some more!

I always tend to over-think stuff and possibly went a bit overboard this time. Crazy Sunshine is my first webcomic, but I want it to really touch the hearts of the people who read it. Which leads us to one last point:

  • The overall shape of the logo, following the two cables at the top, down to the hairclip at the bottom, form a heart shape. Because I love you all for reading and supporting me!