Fireworks 2012 Edinburgh

Happy New Year!

Don’t worry, I have returned safely from the UK with only a few hiccups and after a day of shovelling 2 meters of snow and getting rid of jet lag I wanted to make one last little blog entry before we jump into 2012.

Firstly, here’s a little roundup of how Crazy Sunshine turned out in 2011:

From its opening in June, Crazy Sunshine has gained:

  • 55,074 Visits!
  • 45.82% (25,237) were New Visitors that only came here once, and 54.17% (29,836) were Returning Visitors who came here 2 times or more!
  • There was a total of 25,494 Unique Visitors!
  • Lastly, a massive 282,516 Pageviews, thanks for checking out the archives!
  • The Facebook page gained 91 fans!
  • The Google+ Page gained 286 fans!
  • The Twitter gained 128 followers!
  • A whole bunch of fan art from awesome people with way too much time!

This was all possible thanks to you guys; the readers, the fans, and the people who made this possible. Let’s ride this wave all the way into 2012!

lastly, my goals for 2012 are:

  • Pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (At least Level 3).
  • Pay off at least half my Student Loan.
  • Create 100 Crazy Sunshine Comic Strips.
  • Gain 200 Facebook fans and Twitter followers.
  • Improve my writing skills instead of just focusing on art.
  • Not sleep or nap too much every day.

So, what about you? What are you going to do or not do? Regardless,  have a great year!