Wow, haha, I am super slow to the party but earlier me and my partner in crime Aeyze finally managed to finish up the Halo Reach Legendary campaign.

Can’t wait to do it again on my own for 150 Gamerscore! Oh wait, yes I can. Some of those Elites were kicking our asses left right and centre, but I think that’s because we were either:

  • Breaking the game and getting stuck outside elevator shafts.
  • Driving forklifts, trucks and tankers off of ramps because why not.
  • Trying to melee Hunters.
  • Trying to melee each other.
  • And lastly, trying a bit too hard to get that perfect screenshot.

All in all, it was a fantastic game. Can’t wait to get started on multiplayer. If anyone is interested or wants to kick up some Firefight/Matchmaking action, check out my Bungie Profile here and send me a PM.

Now that finally all the Halo games are done I can’t wait for 4 and the CE Anniversary Edition! Can you?